Leading NFT projects, The Vogu Collective and Metakey, announce official partnership.

NFT utility expert Metakey will help actualize The Vogu Collective’s future integrations and collaborations with virtual communities such as Decentraland and Sandbox. Metakey has established itself as an essential pathway tool — granting its holders access to exclusive content and features across numerous metaverses. Newly launched, The Vogu Collective is an art and storytelling sci-fi project gaining significant traction in the NFT marketplace. With this partnership, Vogu will be able to leverage Metakey’s existing footprint as it looks to carve out its own virtual corner in the larger metaverse. In building its brand and IP, Vogu will create and deliver a diverse array of content via multiple forms of media. Metakey holders will have exclusive access to this content. Ultimately, both communities can look forward to exciting crossover benefits and unparalleled access from two of the hottest projects in the NFT space.



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