Vogu: Now and Then, Here and There

Where We Came From

  • Sold out in less than 20 minutes
  • Reached 10k members in Discord (first project pre-launch to do this)
  • Secondary Sales at $20million+
  • MUTTS available for claim
  • Will mark the first and most detailed fully animated companion drop in the space (that we know of)
  • One of the first projects to introduce artist collabs in its main collection
  • Post drop collabs included Mech Nuggests, Doom Souls, Greycraft
  • Only PFP project to have a Cryptocities collab (so far o.0)
  • Gave away 4 hand drawn tars from the amazing artist Tomass
  • One of the best remix/deriv communities in the space
  • Metakey partnership enables cross utilization across multiple platforms
  • Decentraland wearable
  • Sandbox airdrop
  • Vogu pet for Voxodeus holders
  • Zion Bugle and the Tar News Network
  • Faction Lore building session
  • Council Lore building session
  • Webtoon in development
  • Weekly giveaways to verified Vogu holders
  • Weekly community events: custom DnD campaign, poker and movie nights
  • Weekly Twitter spaces
  • Regular Clubhouse and Twitch events
  • Robotics build competition
  • Webtoon casting call for verified Vogu holders
  • $100k+ in charitable donations
  • Pink initiative for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Where We Are At

Where do we go from here

So, what do I get by owning a Vogu?

  1. Exclusive access to some of the best art in the space

The Road Map?

Final thoughts

  • Some of the best art in the space
  • Regular lore that builds on the Vogu-verse (ex. Tar News Network)
  • Exclusive Art (ex. MUTTS)
  • Global Merchandise (ex. upcoming apparel drop)
  • Cross Media releases (ex. upcoming webtoon)
  • Supportive and creative global community
  • Various perks (ex. weekly giveaways, Metakey partnership)



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The Vogu Collective

The Vogu Collective

The Vogu NFT collection marks the beginning of an immersive, multimedia art and storytelling initiative. Our randomized NFT collection contains 7,777 tokens.