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The Vogu Collective
3 min readMar 7, 2022

How we’re growing our metaverse identity

Our pod in Decentraland!

Metaverse Identity vs Metaverse Brand

This week we announced our arrival in Decentraland with the cinematic masterpiece that was our delivery pod trailer. If you haven’t had a chance to see it peep it here on the official Decentraland twitter: https://twitter.com/decentraland/status/1500169271342678019

This month we are launching our 5 TAR model lines as wearable heads in Decentraland. These will be some of the best looking assets in the metaverse! Before we get into the how to’s of claiming etc. we wanted to talk about how this plays into our larger plans of establishing The Vogu Collective as a metaverse Identity.

At The Vogu Collective we believe that NFT projects can be more than just brands. These truly are our digital identities, and we want to be the identity that you take from metaverse to metaverse. With our established and future partnerships The Vogu Collective will be a leading metaverse identity. We want to give everyone a chance to use our wearables, avatars, aesthetics and our experiences throughout all the metaverses. The Vogu Collective will be an instantly recognizable and sought after identity in any metaverse. The quality you see from these Decentraland assets is just the start. More is coming and Decentraland won’t be the only metaverse you see Vogu in this year!

Claim and purchase info

If you currently own a vogu you will be able to claim up to FIVE wearables depending on how many Vogu NFT’s you own, and more specifically WHICH traits your Vogu NFT has!

Each Vogu NFT gives you 1 claim. If you own 1 vogu you get 1 wearable, if you own 5 vogu you get 5 wearables. If you own 50 you would only get the max of 5. If you don’t own a vogu there will still be a public sale on the Dencentraland market place shortly after our claim period!

In order to determine WHAT wearable you can claim we have determined that the Quantum core trait was the best factor to base this off of. The only expception will be the Kouwei Vibes trait. Only Vogu with the Kouwei Vibes right sensor will be able to claim a Kouwei wearable. Here is a break down:

Right sensor

Kouwei Vibes — Kouwei Helm

Quantum core

Patrician — Patrician Helm

Centurion — Centurion Helm

Ongo — Ongo Helm

Kouwei/Runtime meter/Core — Core Helm

There will be a snapshot taking place in the coming week. We will announce at least 48hrs from the snapshot to give everyone time to snatch up the perfect identity for themselves! The claim will happen on its own branded mint site and will be an amazing experience on its own! This will be a polygon NFT so there will be some gas price but nothing like on the main net! We are looking to make the claim period 1 week.

Rarity and mint number

We had to follow the Decentraland mint policy of making wearables based on their categories of uncommon, rare and epic. Our goal was to balance rewarding the community, growing our metaverse presence, allowing for a lower entry point for new users, and keeping exclusivity on traits like Kouwei and Patricians. This is reflected in the mint amount as well as the pricing.

Disclaimer: The pricing is subject to change

Just the start

We can’t wait to see all of our Vogu Collective family in the metaverse rocking their Vogu Identities. Decentraland fashion week is coming at the end of this month, get ready for a party!

This is but the first steps of our exploration into the metaverse. More coming soon….like real soon.



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