There are no roads in space.

(but there are dark matter rails)

The Vogu Collective
4 min readAug 2, 2021
This is what we get when I don’t have Jason in the basement and I have to make my own graphics

The community has some amazing ideas and the feedback we’ve received, even though we are only a few days into this project, has been fantastic. I think the best way to explain our vision for the future is to display our “short, medium and long term” goals. From a creative standpoint the team and I have a million idea’s of what we can explore with this IP. From a business standpoint we need to focus our efforts on things we can execute on in a reasonable time frame for the community. Grab a Boba tea and let’s hop into a Dark Matter Rail.

Short Term

This is the exciting bucket because it’s things that we can execute on quickly. These are projects that the team can either execute themselves in a reasonable time frame, or we have connections we can easily leverage in order to execute quickly.


Sandbox Asset — By the time this comes out we should have already distributed our first airdrop. We wanted to do something fun that we could deliver quickly and we hope everyone enjoys their Patricians helmet!

Partnerships — We are in talks with groups that have fantastic teams and huge footprints within the NFT metaverses. Over the next 1–2 weeks we plan on solidifying what these partnership’s look like and publicly announcing the benefits our Vogu family will receive.


Bots — We will be partnering with a highly respected community member in order to get some custom bot’s set up in our discord. This includes role/faction’s, sales bots, etc. Hope to announce more this week.

Image — Lots of requests for BG removers, hi-rez, etc. I’m having some tech guys look at what this would take to automate. With hidden traits and our truly random distribution it may take a little longer to get some of this implemented, but we have started researching. This may be a medium/long term project depending on how we need to build this.

Medium Term

Maybe it’s identifying the right partners, creating the assets or waiting for lawyers to make 15 revisions before you can sign things, some things take a little bit longer to execute.

Companions — All the cool kids are doing it, and for good reason. Communities love it, we love it. So of course adding a companion airdrop to Vogu holders is currently being developed. We want to do something that is lore friendly, fun, and not too extreme. No laser shooting robo dogs, sorry! Jason will be putting some trial images together of the next few weeks for us to test out and plan.

Music — We have some really fun idea’s for how we can build on the amazing community members we have. We have some plans for people in our community that love music just as much as we do.

Merch — Because obviously! One of the first “larger” projects that we want to execute on. We don’t know what this looks like yet. We are talking to multiple potential partners. This may mean launching our own line of merch, collab’s with larger brands or licensing our IP out to a large label. Which ever route we choose expect exclusive access to limited edition merch for Vogu holders.

Long Term

Big projects require big effort, long meetings and lots and lots of Monster© Energy Drinks.

Media — We’ve already begun to connect and reach out to entertainment partners. We believe this IP is primed to be a big name in the space and we need to approach the media aspect with that in mind. We won’t be pushing a 2 min animation out quickly without the right thought and effort put behind it. Hopefully, as we develop these partnership and begin pre-production we can make some announcements.

IP Building — What does this mean? This means bringing the Vogu IP into the eyes of consumers OUTSIDE the NFT space. This may not always directly effect the Vogu holder but they drive the overall value of the Vogu brand. We think this is an integral part of our long term success. If it isn’t clear yet, we’re not just an NFT project.

Thank you

The community is the biggest asset to an NFT project. You have all been a huge part of the success of this project. Thank you for being amazing, positive, supportive and creative members of the Vogu family.



The Vogu Collective

The Vogu NFT collection marks the beginning of an immersive, multimedia art and storytelling initiative. Our randomized NFT collection contains 7,777 tokens.