The Vogu Collective — Recap

Who We Are

Our Launch

The good and the bad

Small bump or something bigger?

Post Launch


Things don’t always go your way.

Space is ever expanding

Success of other projects

Building Phase

Our approach to building

  1. Establish real life partnerships that would build value for the brand as a whole and help create a clear brand identity
  2. Secure metaverse and NFT partnerships that would help deliver on the brands messaging and bring utility and excitement to holders
  3. Support creatives in our community and the NFT space as a whole
  4. Build the Vogu IP universe through story telling, mixed media content, further NFT drops

What We Achieved

Real World Partnerships

  1. Just Hype — Very early on in our project we reached out to Just Hype to see if they were interested in some sort of collaboration. The team at Just Hype was super responsive and jumped at the opportunity to learn and build in this space. It took a LOT longer than our community would have wanted. However, we didn’t want our main merch release to be a gatekeeped shopify store with over priced, limited merch. We wanted a global release with a respected brand. Just Hype NAILED IT. Seriously, check it out. 10+ designs, front page of the website, email blasts to their community, professional photo AND video shoot. We are very confident that this is the best merch collab release in the space. It doesn’t come close. Aesthetically, well that’s an opinion. But we believe execution-wise there is no competition. See the drop here:
  2. Netgear — The Meural by Netgear is our favorite way to display our NFT’s. We think its the best in class. Affordable, high quality and building web3 integration. Checks all the boxes. Being a tech GIANT we felt Netgear offered a perfect identity fit. So we reached out. We we’re lucky again and Netgear was super responsive. They are 100% invested in being a true web3 partner and building a project for NFT collectors. Our future with them is still in the works. Some things we are working on? Joint marketing, giveaways, discounts, joint community events, and the creation of outlets for our communities remix artists to gain exposure.

Metaverse and NFT’s

  1. Sandbox Helmet— Within our first few weeks we airdropped all holders a flashy Patrician’s Vogu helmet for use in Sandbox games. Created by one of the official Sandbox teams talented artists (shout out Voxelbunny). You can find this helmet on the secondary market, its got a + to luck!
  2. Multi-Utility-Terra-Trekking-System or MUTTS — A staple for PFP projects, our companion drop! The first fully animated generative companion drop was available for free to all holders. Cute, adorable, and potentially dangerous these MUTTS make great companions for your TARS. Originally this drop was supposed to come around a month after our release. As we were in the early stages of development a community member (Shout out Pizza Later) reached out to help in anyway they could. We learned that Pizza was an animation guru and it got our creative juices flowing. A week after meeting with Pizza we re-designed the whole project pipeline to handle generative animations. This was no small feat and it took the team longer to deliver the companions than we had hoped. The community was frustrated at the delays, and we saved the announcement they were animated until very close to the drop. Upon release the market did not respond well. It could have been the delays, the overall state of the market, the aesthetic, or all of the above. The team worked incredibly hard to bring a companion drop that was executed at a crazy high level and we saw a lot of disappointment in the markets reaction and received lots of hate pointed at the team for our lack of execution. This hurts us a lot because we wanted to do everything our power to deliver, what we believe, was an amazing companion for the community. To bust your butts for 2–3 months on a project and have people tell you that you didn’t do a good job stings. It comes with the territory. If the market doesn’t react kindly to your drops, companion or otherwise, you will be seen as failing. Some people will only see the financial aspect and some have entirely different visions for the project. They don’t see the sweat the artists and dev’s put into the project. As artist and builders it can be hard to ignore this. This is why you’ll see a lot of leads in this space talk about the need for mental breaks. There is nothing like the level of access to projects and founders that you see in this space. We hope our current and future community members will grow to love the MUTTS as much as we do.
  3. Metakey — One of the biggest names in the metaverse and one of the most positive and supportive communities in the space. This one was a no brainer. Metakey has a footprint in every metaverse. When Vogu want’s to build or expand our brand into a metaverse Metakey is there to support us if needed. Together we dropped Vogu leather jacket wearables to holders of both Metakey AND the Vogu! You can pick these up on the secondary market as well.
  4. Decentraland — One of the top metaverses in the world and hosts of the biggest events in the metaverse. Hundreds of thousands of users visit DCL and attend their various events. We teamed up with Atlas Corp and Feeka Games to build an innovative, first of its kind, and immersive experience for Vogu holders and Vogu fans. Recently we released our 5 model lines as wearable heads for your DCL avatar! Truly taking your NFT identity into the metaverse at a level never seen before. Check the mint experience at . (Currently a claim window for Vogu holders that held during a snapshot. Public sale will open again soon)
  5. Metaverse Fashion Week — In the first ever metaverse fashion week The Vogu teamed up with Just Hype to create 30+ wearables and an entire main stage fashion show! Only 2 NFT pfp projects were featured on the main catwalks, Vogu and NounsDAO. Other participants were fashion giants like Dolce&Gabbana, Perry Ellis, and even the luxury car brand Acura. We’re in good company to say the least.
  6. Human Park — We are a proud launch partner for Virtually Human Studios, the team behind Zed Run, new metaverse Human Park. Powered by the Unreal Engine we think Human Park will be a great fit for some amazing Vogu experiences. More info will come later as this platform is just launching.

Supporting Community

Building Our Lore

  1. Tar News Network — To deliver regular literary content we devised a fictitious news reporter from the Vogu universe called Zion Bugle. Zion runs a fan blog called Tar News Network or TNN. Here he delivers updates on the latest Vogu news, insight into the different sub-cultures and even historical context for important events.
  2. Animations — Both Jason and Pizza Later are talented artists capable of making super clean animations that help us tell our stories. Leading up to drops we’ve created multiple animated teasers that give our community glimpses into the Vogu universe. Sparkle studios put together an AMAZING trailer which depicted our TARS getting “delivered” to Decentraland. You can find it here:
  3. Webtoons — With the help of our amazing community member BumbleVx we celebrated the MUTTS launch by creating an 8 chapter Webtoon. For those unaware, a webtoon is a vertically scrolling comic. We had the idea to do some sort of comic, manga or webtoon when we had just began to discuss how we would launch MUTTS. Our first community manager, the famous Glypsie (she did one of the limited edition bg’s), mentioned a community member she knew that actually drew webtoons. (That was Bumble) When we pitched them the idea it was a perfect match! We certainly hope this isn’t the only webtoon we do. If we had the budget we would ask Bumble to turn this into a full time webtoon. Check it out here:
  4. platform and a tool that allows NFT holders to write lore for their NFT! A perfect fit for a project like ours. The community has submitted multiple character descriptions, backgrounds and hilarious stories to their Vogu NFT’s. An amazing tool for community members that really want to build on top of their NFT. Read them here:
  5. Choose Your Own Adventure — A new comer for 2022, we’ve always been looking for ways to not just deliver lore but to collaborate with our community while doing so. One of the more fun idea’s we’ve had has been the Choose Your Own Adventure format. The team builds a specific story that puts the community in the main characters point of view. At the end of each “chapter” the community votes on 1 of 3 outcomes. Do you shoot the bad guy, chase them into the dark alley, or give up? Response has been great so far and it’s fun to see everyone discuss the reasoning behind their choices!

The Future

  1. Establish real life partnerships — We’re working with a super hot VR game studio that is building a first person VR shooter. It’s already in alpha and has over 30k waitlist sign ups through Steam. Together with them we are looking at ways to integrate the Vogu brand. Earlier than that we are planning to offer some alpha codes to the VR users in our community! We’ve teamed up with a metaverse casino that is building a 3D casino where users can own apartments and traverse the casino floors. We’re working to make the Vogu appear as dealers/bartenders and other NPC’s. In addition we are looking at ways to give our community benefits if they use the platform. Finally, we are in early stages of conversations with other merch brands, other tech companies, game companies, athletes and celebrities. Lots of conversations happen and have been happening over the last year. Some turn into amazing opportunities and some fizzle into nothing. What we can say is we are always looking to grow our brand and find fun utility for our holders. We’ve never been the brand to announce things early. It may have hurt us in the past but I hope our community understands why we are silent, and once we deliver you see the high level we execute at. When Vogu knocks on a door for a partnership, its a different kind of knock.
  2. Metaverse and NFT partnerships — We have some REALLY crazy collabs coming up within the NFT space. BIG IP and super cool utility. We’re also planning out further metaverse utility and partnerships. Malloy, the GOAT designer behind our Decentraland heads, is spearheading our metaverse partnerships and man is the first one a BIG name. Can’t wait to build together with them. We’re also looking into ways to weave lore into quests and maybe develop some utility for our MUTTS in the process.
  3. Supporting the Community —Our community has musicians, artists, athletes, engineers, etc. We want to find unique ways to work with our community and help them achieve their goals. We are working to make our partnership with Netgear bring some really unique and unprecedented utility for the artists in our community. We’re are always a DM away and have collabed with multiple community lead projects. We also encourage and support community members to work together and help each other to form their own projects. Many of our community members have gone on to launch their own projects or work for other projects in the space. We will continue to support in this way and look for new ways to give exposure to our community. If Vogu can be your gateway into the Web3 world we view that as a huge success and a perfect utility for our project.
  4. Story Telling and Mixed Media — The continuation of the TNN and CYOA stories will help build strong foundations for our world building. We are still pitching and pushing for some traction in hollywood/entertainment. Some potentials there are attaching well known script writers/producers or making speculative shorts. We would absolutely love to continue the Webtoon and further the MUTTS story in that medium. We already have some idea’s for where that story goes. If you saw our DCL pod trailer I think you see the potential we have to make some really cool short content.

Future NFT drops



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