Launch Plan

The Vogu Collective
2 min readJul 23, 2021

The Vogu Collective has been busy preparing all of their randomized TARS for delivery and the sale is almost here! A lot of our community has been asking for specifics on our sale/auction/reveal. We wanted to break this down in one easy to understand format so everyone is on the same page.

SALE — Monday 26th, 5pm PDT

Our sale takes place on Monday the 26th at 5pm PDT. We apologize to anyone that is inconvenienced by this time. It’s not easy to coordinate for a global launch and we know that no matter what time we picked someone somewhere is going to be inconvenienced.

As a reward to our loyal and supportive discord members we will be releasing the link to the minting page 5 mins early! This was something a large majority of our community members wanted. So make sure to join the discord and watch out for announcements.

The first 77 will be minted and distributed before the sale. Some will be sent as payment to team members/artists or for giveaway winners. 30 will be placed for private sale to the VERY early supporters of the project. None are pre-minted for the founders. We will be minting along side the community.

AUCTIONS — Tuesday 27th 8am PDT

Tuesday morning we begin the auctions for the 1/1 Special Editions from our partnered artists. Look for these auctions starting Tuesday the 27th.

The Auctions will be listed for 24hrs (any bids placed last minute will extend the auction per Open Sea rules.) Largest bid will win if reserves are not met.

REVEAL! — Wednesday 28th 9am PDT

Once the auctions are completed we will being to push out the meta data and we can all reveal our Vogu!!



The Vogu Collective

The Vogu NFT collection marks the beginning of an immersive, multimedia art and storytelling initiative. Our randomized NFT collection contains 7,777 tokens.