Drop Issues and Our Fix

The Vogu Collective
2 min readJul 27, 2021

First off, sorry. That was clearly not up to the standards we have set for ourselves and this project.

What Went Wrong

It appears as if we had some issues with an API that was being used with wallet connect. When a user would try and connect their wallet multiple requests were sent. 96k requests were sent over a period of 1–4 mins.

The team believes this may have caused the API provider to block our requests believing it may be a DDOS etc. Which is why we couldn’t fix it in time for our delayed drop. They kept denying our requests.

How We Fix

We’re tossing out Wallet Connect. I know some people may be affected by this so we wanted to let everyone know early enough. I didn’t want to worry about this happening again so we scrapped any code that tied to this API, which was our wallet connect integration.

We have had multiple devs from other projects review our minting page code and all have giving us a thumbs up that it should be fine. They all agreed it was most likely the API calls that caused the issue. I feel confident we are at a good point for our Web3. Metamask will still be available to mint from using our website.



The Vogu Collective

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