Casting Call Results!

The Vogu Collective
4 min readSep 14, 2021


We are excited to show everyone the many different ways we can tell stories in the Vogu-verse. Our first ever casting call is for our first ever Webtoon!

Webtoons are published on one long, vertical strip (making use of an infinite canvas rather than multiple pages so that it is easier to read on a smartphone or computer); they will most likely be in color rather than black-and-white since they are rarely published in physical form. — Wikipedia

Our webtoon will tell the origin story of our upcoming companion drop: MUTTS (Multi-Utility Terra Trekking System). Our MC, main character, gets in a little bit of hot water from Trackzy, the CEO of The Vogu Collective, and is sent to the Archives! In this dusty old basement are remnants of old experiments and failed projects. Everything in the archives needs to be classified, tagged and sorted. Obviously not a fun job for our MC! The fun starts when an experimental MUTTS unit surprisingly boots up to life! Our Mutt decides its a great idea to follow around the MC all day long. Our MUTT just wants love and attention from our MC. However, our MC sees the MUTT as a nuisance as they cause problem after problem! Hopefully everything will work out for our MC and their MUTT companion. Will our MC ever grow to love the MUTT? What fate awaits our MUTT now that it’s caused so much trouble? Read our upcoming webtoon and finding out! Now to reveal our cast!

Main Cast


CEO of The Vogu Collective, also very sensitive about their ears.


Head of promotions for The Vogu Collective. Connections with some of the hottest influencers in the galaxy. tendency to get under Trackzys’ skin…err metal?


Head of security for The Vogu Collective. Runs private security for Trackzy. Rabbot has strong connections with mercenaries and is rumored to have access to an elite private army of tactical Tars.

Saxton and Sheldon

You don’t know Saxton and Sheldon? What are you a toaster? They are only the hottest influencers in the whole galaxy. The hottest brands, the hottest trends, the hottest events, you name it they are behind it. Extremely influential and even more so, hilarious. These comedic “twins” are known all across the galaxy for their antics.

Supporting Cast aka Casting Call Winners!

Tux winners

Darksoul Tar 1196

Ryder333 Tar 6963

Tac Vest winners

Emme Tar 3286

Altonbom Tar 3506

Raithy Tar 6469

NinthLvl Tar 4857

Leather Jacket Winners

Jeffr.eth Tar 7584

Fomoboy Tar 6782

Jfx187 Tar 1101

Seven4x Tar 3318

Wader012 Tar 6464

General Casting

JamesEquity Tar 6045

Reem Tar 2202

Dh89 Tar 5116

Thank you to everyone who dropped us a headshot and participated in our casting call! Being able to have all these community members involved in our first true Vogu-verse story is super exciting. We can’t wait to show you what we’ve been working on. Remember this is just one way we plan to tell stories, so look out for more stuff like this in the future!

We are still waiting to hear back from 4 winners. They have 24hrs from end of giveaway to respond or we will choose from the alternate winners.

Storyboard tease!



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